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How To Track Your Moods

There are many ways to keep track of your moods and they can be a great way to see the Hows, Whys and Whens of your personal cycling.

You create a chart using whatever tool work for you i.e. journal, diary, an excel spreadsheet, a google doc — there is no right way to do this. Just make sure it’s readable to you. What you want to see is your fluctuations over time and isolate those specific events that can or may illicit your mood changes.

Why is this important? I have learned that seeing your patterns in black and white can be extremely illuminating. On its own, seeing them can help to reduce the stress. Then look at how often the mood swings occur. What triggers them and how intense are they? Once you get a clear picture you are ready to take the next steps and learn ways to achieve

some personal control to manage your triggers and calm your nervous system.

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