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Feeling lonely? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

You are not alone in your loneliness. Loneliness is a huge issue, one experienced by many people at one time or another.

And now? After more than 18 months of little to no socialization and a total shift to remote learning and working, loneliness is epidemic. While there is no cure for this situational loneliness, this may be a time to reframe and rethink your past and present relationships and map your loneliness. There will be another norm in the future, one where we are able to freely connect with others. What does your relationship future look like? What do you want it to look like?

Questions to ask yourself

Has this feeling been present prior to the Pandemic? If so, make time for reflection. Create a plan of what you want your future to look like. Dream wise not big when it comes to relationships. Having a crowd around you won’t take away the loneliness, only those who energize you, make you think, are authentic, etc. can do this. Ask these questions.

1. What do I need in a relationship?

2. Have I had a relationship (s) that felt satisfying?

3. What about those satisfying relationships, what did they have in common?

4. How did I meet people in the past?

5. Am I putting myself in places and spaces to meet others?

6. What have I not done to connect with others?

Before you can find a path out of loneliness, you need to understand your past patterns and relationships. Once you do this, you can then take positive steps towards rewarding connections.

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