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6 Ways To A More Successful Life

We make up stories everyday about people and ourselves. These aren’t necessarily true stories but that doesn’t get in the way of our doing this constantly. The human mind craves a reason for everything. And so we manage our anxiety about the unknown with storytelling. But stories are just stories. They aren’t facts and so you have to check in with yourself and challenge the stories you tell.

Why is it so important to keep tabs on your beliefs?

Your beliefs will wrongly or rightly determine how you act, react and make decisions. As you can imagine this is quite problematic in life. How do you know if your beliefs are self limiting and also harmful to the people around you? Think about a couple of situations in your life that didn’t turn out how you expected they would. If you’re not getting the results you desire, your beliefs may deserve some examination. Life and success are both easier and more consistent when your beliefs are supported by facts. Examining those beliefs can have an amazing impact on your life.

Your life is likely to change if you do the following:

1.Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe you can succeed at a particular task or goal, you’ll never get started. It just wouldn’t make any sense. You’re much more likely to get moving if you believe there's a path out there that has potential.

2.Be Perfectly Imperfect

The people we know and often hire to work for us are almost certainly not perfect or the best in their field. They are good at what they do and we trust them. You can achieve a high-level of success without being the best at everything. Without the pressure to be “the best”, you can also enjoy your achievements more.

3. Be Patient

As a society we have become more and more impatient. Think of your devices and how irritating it can be when they don’t turn on immediately. Or a google search seems to take forever. We have become used to having things immediately. That said, most things in life take some time to get going. The average new business takes 3-5 years to get off the ground. You aren't failing if you don't get instantaneous results. Try to lessen your attachments to the results and focus on enjoying all the steps along the way.

4.Go For The Small Wins

Trying to change too much, too fast, often won’t work in the long-term. Introduce changes slowly. A small change that’s maintained and built upon has a large effect over time.

5. Failure isn’t Failure

At some point, it’s necessary to stop learning, thinking, and planning, and take action. If you don’t decide on an action, nothing will ever happen. You’ll be stuck pondering. If your plan doesn’t succeed, revisit it, revise it and move forward. As strange as it can seem, failure is part of success.

6. Don’t take things personally

99% of the time, you aren’t the issue when people let you down. Think of your own life and how much goes into it and how complicated it can get. Pause before anger and personalization takes over. Most of the time people are doing the best they can at any particular time. Give some latitude to the people around you — until their behaviors demonstrate you shouldn’t.

Now Get started

Getting started is perhaps the biggest obstacle in life. For whatever reason, we have 100 excuses why we should put things off. Is there ever a perfect time? This doesn't mean dive in without a plan. Don't start a new business without a little emergency money put away. Moving in the middle of a blizzard hardly makes sense. But break the habit of "I just need one more thing" before the time is right to get started on something.


Consider this and I assure you it's true. You already have what you need to take the first step today. You can make adjustments along the way and learn while you go.

A few, simple changes in beliefs can make all the difference.

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