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Anxious? 3 Tools to help you

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

It's been a long journey through the pandemic crisis. And just when we thought it was nearly over, a new variant has emerged. This is leading to increased levels of anxiety and depression. I hear people asking, "how am I going to get through this"? The short answer is time. The longer one is practicing some self-care. Remind yourself what you can do for yourself rather than what you can't.

* Get yourself out into nature 5-10 minutes daily

* Practice your breathing techniques or learn some by using one of the many apps online

* Reach out for help if your anxiety feels unmanageable.

Make a list of some of the things you do to lessen your anxiety and keep that list nearby. You may have to think about this for a minute. Listening to music? Watching a funny movie or romantic comedy? Reach out to your friends for a short Zoom or FaceTime session and share how you are feeling. Knowing that you aren't the only one feeling this can really help.

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